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hi guys!! gonna be opening commissions for a bit- im kinda nervous aa;;

Note me with your commission/custom adopt request!!
I only accept Paypal!

★ Feel free to comment with any questions! ★

what are name your price commissions?
You basically pay however much you want for what you think my art's worth! Although the higher the price you pay will allow me to offer additional things such as WIPS, BGs, and better finishes such as added effects onto the drawing using Photoshop. I'll let you know if your price goes over a certain amount to qualify for this~!

commission info
★ Minimum price for commissions is $7USD
★ Name a price and state what you'd like me to draw (Only OCs/fanart)
★ I have 2 varying styles (one looking more.. cuter?? idk if that's the word to describe it LOL), so feel free to let me know which style you'd like me to draw in!
★ I'll only be accepting a limited amount, so note early to avoid disappointment

form for commissions
★ please note me using this form! Feel free to ask for samples.
Price: (any amount $7 or over)
Type: (Headshot/torso/waist/fullbody/chibi)
Detail: (sketch/flat/shaded)
Ref: (link here)
Other: (you may give me info about your OC to give me an idea on poses/facial expression etc!)


custom adopts info
★ Pricing is based on how detailed you'd want your adopt! The more specific you are, the higher the price. Below are the BASE prices and may go up accordingly-
★ Minimum price for a chibi custom adopt is $20USD
★ Minimum price for a full body custom adopt is $40USD
※ NOTE: this includes front view and back view which are flat coloured

form for custom adopts
★ please note me using this form!
Price: ($20USD+ / $40USD+)
Type: (Chibi/Full body)
Info: (Feel free to give me a description! Remember that the more specific it is, the price will go up)


samples (will add more soon T T;; )
Shaded, full body:
Flat Colour, full body:

Shaded, full body:
Sketch, Waist:

Other places to find me
twitter: @_sekirururu (most active)
Instagram: @sekiruu
tumblr: @sekirururu
youtube: sekiru senpai
pixiv: id=5995069

i have instagram now!! tell me yours too :O

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 19, 2014, 9:16 AM


Sorry, hardly active here..
im literally active on every other social media but here LOL

aa but recently i made instagram
It's still confusing but it's not bad hah
I post WIPs here, if interested in following~! Tell me yours too!!^O^

Instagram: @sekiruu

Other places to find me
twitter: @_sekirururu (most active)
tumblr: seki-senpai-noticed-you-and
youtube: sekiru senpai
pixiv: id=5995069

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commission prices [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Sat May 3, 2014, 11:49 AM



★☆ OCs ★☆

★ Headshot [LINEART] - $8 / 800p
★ Headshot [FLAT COLOURED] - $9 / 900p
★ Headshot [SHADED] - $12 /1200p

☆ Waist [LINEART] - $10 /1000p
☆ Waist [FLAT COLOURED] - $11 / 1100p
☆ Waist [SHADED] - $24 /2400p

★ Full body [LINEART] - $12 /1200p
★ Full body [FLAT COLOURED] - $13 /1300p
★ Full body [SHADED] - $36 /3600p

☆ Chibi [LINEART] $8 / 800p
☆ Chibi [FLAT COLOURED] -$9 /900p
☆ Chibi [SHADED] - $12 /1200+

★☆ customs ★☆

★ Character sheet FULL BODY - $20/2000p+
★ Character sheet CHIBI - $10/1000p+
    w/ additional personalised sketches of custom:
        - NON-COLOURED - $5 PER
        - COLOURED - $8 PER

※ please note that the more detailed your custom, the more expensive it will be
※ if you would like to see a sample, please note me
※ note/comment with any questions you may have, thank you!

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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 5:12 AM


Tagged by orchidi

1. What is your favorite flower?!
Impatiens bequaertii,, they look cute;;

2. ....cough, um do you have any Free! boy you love the most in your mind~? e//u//e
Aa my bias is Makoto _(:3/ L)_

3. Personal fear you have?
mmm it's nothing too personal.. the only fear I have are against spiders & insects eruhggfjkdfh

4. Are you a Pokemon fan? like super freak Pokemon fan like me?
sobs no not really.. I probably would be if I haD A 3DS //SOBbbbsss

5. Have you ever get shy when someone call you adorable, cute, handsome, or whatevver?
sobs miki what r these questions

6. Do you like or hate making friends?
its aite

7. Which movie do you think is the most literally saddest thing ever to you? (or maybe book?)
uhh the most recent saddest movie ive watched was 'The stolen years' urhdhghj my kokoro

8. Do you have any people do you wish to attempt to make friends with so badly here on deviantART? (((-;
omfg yeah but im too much of a wuss tO INITIATE THE CONVo URHGHhgjhgskdgh

9. "I love you and you ---~?" (It's a barney's song, if youre assuming what song I am singing-LOL)

10. Lastly of all, which country do you think is the most beautiful of all in your eyeball--//LAUGHS EYEBALL, GET IT, GET IT? //shot do wn searches top 10 countries //SOBS
i dont really have one

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Raffleee (WINNERS)

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 7, 2013, 7:08 AM



- fully coloured drawing of ur oc [x1]

- cool doodle of ur oc [x1]

SexyAki & wowaku
- chibi drawing of ur oc [x2]

- 282pts


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Commissions CLOSED

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 8, 2013, 10:59 AM


Doing fully shaded chibi commissions for $6/560pts; if interested please note me.
[flat colours only - $4/400pts]

Only accepting 3 slots. ''OTL Considering on taking 6 now.
Any questions feel free to ask here.
~First come, first serve basis~

1. NisoTheStrawberry [p]
2. ewya [p]
3. Riniru [p]
4. Lacrirosa [p]
5. EerieZombie [p]

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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 3, 2013, 1:02 PM


uh ye my next kiriban is gonn b @ 100k pvs
...But I really cannot imagine this being any time soon

uh... there'll only be 2 winners.
First kouhai gets w/e they want yee
Second kouhai gets a fully coloured chibi
Third kouhai gets noticed by me wow

I may add more or edit this closer to the time~ σ(ゝ∀゚◎)

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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 25, 2013, 2:06 PM


hi minasan gomen for being so inactive erhjgh
my funeral's gonna be nxt saturday dont b late bring food ok thank bye

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taggedededed ehuehuehue

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 27, 2013, 3:06 PM



You must post the rules.
★ Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal
★ Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
★ You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal. no
★ Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them. no
★ No tag backs
★ No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people. stares

5 7 things about me:

★ Umm. Im so sorry for never replying to anything ''''''''OTL
★ also i failed my cooking class because i nearly set fire to the kitchen
★ now I just bring in ready made shit because i suck so badly
★ i accidentally added too much flavouring and dayumm
★ tasted like shit yo
★ Im surrounded by rich people and it makes me cry

Rei's Questionsss:

uhmm okay...numero uno....Your thoughts on pixel art?
I don't even have the fucking patience to wait for microwavable popcorn to pop
what makes u think that i can even pixel art like fml people who properly pixel art
like... one pixel at a time have a fuck load of patience and i respect that man.

oh well that's a good(?) opinion? If you have any, who is your favorite Utaite and Vocaloid? (Yes I'm being uncreative)
oh dayumm im so out of it with this sort of stuff rn ''OTL but umm.. i remember
listening to Gero on my way to school this morning.. yee he's a good guy yup
uhh there was a moment where I was head over heels for Soraru tho he's also cool

//sighs I hate questions. What about you?
It depends.. i dont mind receiving questions. I hate asking questions tho.

Well that's nice~ (probably). Who are your top 5 deviant art crushes whether it be for their art, personality, etc. ?
wow this is so awkward because i hate everyone on this site
ok no but seriously umm
idk man
im just eating,,,.
just let me eat in peace
i dont wanna think
rofl i'd say the icons on my profile page
they're cool
but then there're a buttload of other people who are just
as lovely to me and just //lies down sobbing

Do you get tagged often and do you dislike or like it?
Idek if these kinds of things are popular now so i doubt
But whenever I get tagged I always forget about it '''''OTL Im so sorry

What program do you prefer to use for drawing (or maybe you are even a traditional artists?!)?
im not a loser like u rei and use firealpaca
i use SAI like a kool kat yeeee //flashes ma rolex

Do you know how to pronounce my name correctly??
i just say 'boob'

★ 8) <<LOL number 8 looks like a smiley face, go look.

★ <<LOL number 9 looks like an alien face don't you agree?
actually ive been staring at that 9 for so long now, it kinda looks like a 'g' to me SOBS

What is one thing you've always wanted to do in life
to be able to eat a meal without dropping food on myself


hshshs i actually completed a meme quiz-thing wowow
but i cba proof reading it gomen lmfao so razyyy

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jm [offline]

Journal Entry: Sun May 26, 2013, 10:22 AM

unless u wanna join the stupid convo on there rofl

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Thank uu + Features~!

Journal Entry: Mon May 20, 2013, 5:50 AM


Waa I'm so sorry for not replying
to anything for the past few days.. uhh I was absent for dumb reasons
I won't go into detail for that rofl '''OTL
Ummm, I'll try my best to reply to everything today.. Please be patient!

But fml guiz thank you all for the birthday wishes and presents~!!
Aaa it really made my day~! ;;___;; You all are so kind! Ufff
I don't deserve you guysssss gtthhhhhhh

OC Features!


★ For each of the first 19 people to comment to this journal,
I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them.
...but my English is mega shit so pls forgive

★ If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on in the first slot.
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!
or i will cut u you sly shit

Aaaa it's so weird for me to choose females rofl I usually like males more //killed
Uff but she's an exception bc she's a cutieeee ♥ I really love her relationship
with Kuu. Everything's just so fluffy and adorable~~~ Also, I like the comical stuff
you use with her. Ehuehuehue she too sadist //killed

Comm - Shiro by ohprocrastinator
omigosh just look at himm~ &hearts; I wanna make him minee ehuehue
You really had so many OCs to choose was so hard ''OTL
But by far I adored him the most~! i WISH HE WAS MINE URGHGH

I REALLY love his design. Everything is just so colour co-ordinated and
his hoodieee aaaa I'm a sucker for epic hoodiess. ♥
I really like your style, too. Especially your utau OCs omigosh *__*
Everything's just so kawaii and moeee~~~

OC by Maniake
Eeep dark OC ♥
The huge amount of black and other various dark colours really
makes her scary!! Haha. But I like that. Especially her eyes. I see
her as your icon and your devID and I really love the design! Dark lolita's cute!


crys all over ur arts nghghgh
I really loved this character in particular~ The hair mostly *__*
But the backgrounds you make always works well with the overall
picture so much. I really love the combination. //sobsob
Even his other outfits are epic!! ;;___;; I want himmmmm

Aaa red hair *__* I don't notice many characters with red hair ''OTL
Or I'm just blind. //sobs a waterfall
I really like her outfit~! Especially the hat she wears *V*
It makes her look like a tomboy aha I really don't see much of these
characters around ;;O;; So this is a nice change!

I really, really love this OC. v@ ♥
He just looks so unique to me and the style you drew it in just
makes it look more perfect ;;V;; I really adore his outfit too~!
It really goes well with his fur colour ;;A;; Aaa one of the best I've seen!

IchiHaruNi by mo0on3
omfg these characters in your comic ahahah ♥
I really like their personalities *O* And how they all look!
They all look very individual which also makes it easier to
differentiate in your comic. ;;o;; They all look so cute!

Lux et Umbra by SWD-England
Aaaa his design just intrigued me!! *V* But mostly because
I just love demon OCs //slapped// aaa I really love his outfit too!!

Omigod he's seme aaa I really love his hair *__* All the colours
go so well together!! I've seen some other drawings with him in it
and I think I'm in lovee //sobsob// ehuehuehue he looks good nude

Aa your gallery was very enjoyable~! Such a unique style *O*
I couldn't help but choooe this kemonomimi OC of yourss ammg ♥
I really love his outfit. It's so detailed! *V* I should learn from you ''OTL

Ugly Bubblegum by ghostpuff
I see her everywhere on your profile. ROFL. But because of that
I've really grown to like Nyxa a lot!! Her colour scheme seems really
unique and I just love her horns~! She really seems adorable with that bunny ;A;

commission -- Ida by onisuu
Wowow the blend of colours~ They all really suit this OC~!
I especially love the scythe added in *__* This OC really looks devilish!
Haha I really like this one! *O*

Woaa all your OCs have such unique designs.. it was a little hard to choose. Haha.
But I think I liked this one most~! With influence of his written bio omfg.
He sounds like he's got so much attitude; it made me laugh. But I really
like that about Aki. He really seems cool! And all his ear studs ehuehuee ♥

Omfg the patterns really caught my attention. Everything about this just
looks so brutiful //sobs all over you// I wish I could learn from you ufff
Japanese themed Alice looks absolutely wonderful! You should draw her
younger self more eheh ♥ She really looks pretty ;A;

Corvus bust by smackweenies
Omigod it was so hard choosing.. You have so many cute OCs I love
so many of them aaaaaa //sobsob// I really like this one in particular
because he has sexy black luscious hair HSHSHSHSHS no but srsly
he's got such a lovely design and I adore the facial expressions he make aha

:Innocent Tears: Elijah Innocentia by AshiotoPiko
I wonder how long it took for you to design this.. v@
It really is amazing~! Haha. Everything looks so good *__* Even the colours
look well. The fact that he's a cyborg makes him even more awesome aa ;o;
The wings are aceee ♥ and the choice the clothing. I love this a lot! *__*

My Ice and Fire prince...huhu~ by Cheapcookie
No but omfg just look at their designs and outfits. So fitting. *__*
I really love them both!!

Aaaa she's so adorable~! Everything is so frilly and well suited together ;o;
I really like bunny OCs ahaa so I'm kinda attached to her //sobsob

Cherry Blossom by RetkiKosmos
Wow there were so many OCs to choose from.. But I think I liked
this one best. The colours go so well together and I really love the theme
of this OC. *O* The mask and hoodie works so well, too. Aa I really love this!!

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JAA~! [going on hiatus]

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 29, 2013, 12:45 PM



uhhh yeah I'm gonna be gone for a bit because
I'm doing mega shit in my school life //mantears

I have exams coming up so I wanna concentrate
with them and not get distracted with trying to become
the best online host to my fangirls //GROSS SOBS
no but srsly im failing my exams cry

I'll be gone for like.... a month.

umm I'll be active on my Twitter:
So if u wanna talk, just say stuff there~
Because I'm not coming on Skype, Tumblr or dA //CRY

even tho i say this i think i'll just be back tomorrow

See u guiz laturrrr
....or tomorrow
//crys again

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Kiriban weiner huehueuee

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 7, 2013, 11:07 AM

do u get it winner & weiiiner
hehehehehheuhhe //cries

SOBS tbh i thought my kiriban was
forgotten ahahah but I guess not *__* ♥

umumum... thank you for all who participated
i know u all wanna get a piece of me pls stahp

but yesyes the winners areeeeee dundundundnnn

1. ikenbot - idk what u call it but it isnt soft shading..more like brushy-stroky drawing
2. Cheapcookie - Cell-shaded drawing
3. lulu108 - chibi drawing

huehue you guiz note me with what you want drawn
and thank you all very much for participating!! //mantear

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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 7, 2013, 3:05 PM


Aaa I'm sorry if there were
those who wanted to participate ;;___;;
Depending on how well this goes,
I may make it a frequent thing! *v*
So until next time..! ♥

hi minna-san
im just bored so like..
wanna do a sketch trade? rofl
Even though I have requests open,
i cba looking at the journal SOB

So yeee i'll pretty much only accept 10 people
//stares into sunset

But i swear to god if u only make
me draw it and u don't do ur part
i'll come to ur fucking country and
fucking eat all the food that u own ok

Just comment below saying u wanna do
one with meee //retarded wink
I don't care what your skill level is *__*
Everyone's accepted brahh //opens arms

1. Stitchyface
2. ghostpuff…
3. Knoire
4. Koimii
5. No-Aengel
6. NiHoAl
8. DynestyX
9. qazeszqwerty
10. MetalCreature

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FAQ - Ask me shittttt uhuhuhrurr

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 1:14 PM


HiHi! So from what I see on the poll,
lots of people voted yes.  
...But dem 5 people tho. //stares
rofl jkjk //slapped

ufff tbh im actually scared about this LMFAO
cry gomen im all talk. //forever a wuss

Ermm, I think I did a faq ageees ago, but i forgot
the majority of the questions. //sobs
So ask anything you like here. Even if it's stupid rofl
idm personal questions and whatnot. yolo

I'll put up all the that's been asked here.

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 10, 2013, 11:57 AM


This is like.. a mega useless thing.
But I'm bored. //sobbing

So erm like uhh---
Comment here if you'd like a muro drawing
on your profile. Because idk i feel like spamming
people with muro shit but idk who
//cries all over everyone

I expect no one to comment to this tho
...because the drawings are most likely
to be sexual because im ronery


ohohoh guys. I think I failed my exams
so like uhhh---
I'll be stuck unemployed on the internet with minna-san
for the next 20 years

Omigod I never expected so many to comment. LOL.
I promise to eventually get around to everybody!! ♥
It's fun practice!

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Goodbye everyone. TT___TT

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 9:59 AM


Yeah... after a long time thinking about this,
I've come to a conclusion that I think I should
probably leave for good. I mean, there's been so much going on..

Aaaa im full of bs
im bad at jokes LOL

ok peepz im just gonna be gone until friday because I need to revise
and that my Engrish has gone rock bottom ever since I've been
staying on Tumblr and here. LMAO. Also that I'm stupid. //sobbing
There's so many messages I wanna reply to but ahhhsfjghsdfgdshjfg

I'll probably be on Skype.
My Skype: Sekidesho
If you add me, please tell me who you are~!
I don't mind if we've never spoke before.
It's nice making friends. //kills everyone with my bodyweight

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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 27, 2012, 10:45 AM


Point commissions only fff //sobs
Because I'm poor on paypal LOL

So yesyesyes I don't mind who you are
or how great you are with artt---
I'm pretty much willing to commission anyone because
I never make use of my points LOL

Please comment below if you have commissions open
//touches everyone

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[CLOSED] Chibi commissions

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 25, 2012, 2:18 PM


...I'm bored again. So moar commishesss ♥
Then I can commission more of you in return LMAO

I might livestream this btw. Please look forward to itt *O*

So ermmm
Chibi example:
Commission Batch 02 by sekiruCommission Batch 01 by sekiru

100pts // $1 per chibi.

1. Pieology
2. Xiruru
3. Viki-U

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Who inspires yooou~?

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 24, 2012, 9:05 AM


Yupyup just asking ♥
If you do have anyone in mind, please share!! //sobs everywhere
I need inspirationnnn & people to stalk. eve

It can be pretty much any type of artist.
I'm flexible.


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